Moon Iron & Steel Company S.A.O.C. (MISCO), Sultanate of Oman

Moon Iron & Steel Company (MISCO) is a closed Joint Stock Company based at Sultanate of Oman. MISCO had set up a 1.2 MTPA capacity of steel plant complex at Sohar Industrial Estate in Sultanate of Oman. The final product of the plant is 700,000 Tons per annum of rebars / 1,200,000 Tons per annum of square billets.

SMS Meer & SMC Concast Italy will be - SMS Meer & SMC Concast Italy were

Shriram EPC FZE, Sharjah will carry out – SEPC FZE, Sharjah had carried out

Shriram EPC Arkan LLC, Muscat will carry out - SEPC Arkan LLC, Muscat had carried out 3k. In "Overseas Project"

Basra Governorate, Republic of Iraq

The JV Company, MOKUL-SHRIRAM EPC JV had received a contract from Basra Governarate for Design, Supply and laying of sanitary sewer system, storm sewer system, trunk sewer system with connected pumping stations and road works in Al Qibla District of Basra, Republic of Iraq.

The major scope of works of the project:

  • Construction and laying of sewerage network of around 311 km.
  • Construction and laying of storm water network of around 270 km.
  • Construction of 16 pumping stations and one main pumping station.
  • Construction and laying of trunk main network of around 15.50 km.
  • Laying of roads of around 215 km.
  • Works maintenance for one year after completion of the works.

Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Tanzania

The JV Company - L &T Shriram EPC JV had received a contract from Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Tanzania for extension of Lake Victoria pipe line from Nzega to Tabora town (Package II) in Tanzania

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